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Bridge for Food Industries was established in 2010, through a small factory for packing table salt that includes one machine and a team of 4 people in Egypt and here bridge group started It is an Egyptian company specialized in the field of food and detergent industry The company seeks to innovate and provide food products that are distinguished by their superior quality its continues to achieve many successes and achievements in its various subsidiaries
which include salt, concentrates, snacks and detergents, in addition to its commitment to supporting innovation and keeping abreast of all that is new through the research and development department Bridge is always striving to meet consumer demands by increasing production capacity and expanding the distribution network, as well as attracting a team of skilled and qualified people
in whom we find the identity and spirit of Bridge In addition to the company’s activities in the Egyptian market, the year 2016 witnessed the first export of table salt in Europe and Asia through the Mazboot brand, noting that the company exports its products to many foreign markets.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading group in the field of food and detergent industry in Egypt and the Middle East region, and to provide consumers with a mixture of distinguished brands and products that satisfy their expectations and meet their needs

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand, open new markets and serve more segments. With the aim of developing the field of the food and detergent industry, while ensuring excellence, innovation and continuous development, and possessing extensive experience and the necessary resources, in addition to our commitment to quality standards and the necessary service.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

we have been growing since 2010
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Company Goal

The Company seeks to impart quality and innovation to all products that it offers, markets and makes available to its customers, and establishes a strong standard to follow in providing all products